There are two types of extensions allowed under Louisiana law:

The Legislative Auditor will consider each extension request on a case-by-case basis; and approval of an extension request will be the exception, not the rule. Agencies should be aware that non-emergency extensions will be granted only in exceptional cases.

The agency will be required to attach an electronic file containing a written explanation for requesting the extension to the extension request form. The agency should also consider attaching an electronic file with corrobarating evicidence supporting the reason the extension is being requested.

The Legilsative Auditor may approve an extension for up to ninety days after the due date of an agency's report, subject to affirmation by the Legislative Audit Advisory Council (Council) at its next meeting. Extension requests that are greater than ninety days after the due date of an agency's report must be tentatively approved by the Council chairperson., subject to final approval by the Council at its next meeting.

The Legislative Auditor will not approve extensions in which:

An exception to the above may be made in accordance with the provisions of the law pertaining to gubernatorially declared disasters or emergencies. Another exception may be made when the denial of an extension will adversely and significantly impact pulbic safety, health, or welfare, as determined by the Legislative Auditor and the Council chairperson.

If an extension request is not approved and the agency's report is not submitted by the statutory due date, the agency's name will be placed on the non-compliance list on the Legislative Auditor's website. No state funds may be paid out to any agency whose name is listed on the non-compliance list on the Legislative Auditor's website.

We believe that the Legislative Auditor's extension request policy will ensure compliance with Louisiana law and ensure timely financial reporting, which is a cornerstone of good financial management. If there are any questions, please contact Gayle Fransen at (225) 339-3874 or gfansen@lla.la.gov.

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