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02/13/2017Key Audit Issues 2017 Points Out Impact of Repeat Findings, Lack of Effective Financial Controls, $1.6 Billion in Waste and Inefficiencies
Louisiana continues to be challenged by a failure to address repeat audit findings, a lack of effective internal fiscal controls, and at least $1.6 billion in waste and inefficiencies across state and local government, the Legislative Auditor said in the LLA’s annual report. The audits summarized in Key Audit Issues 2017 reflect a portion of nearly 4,500 reports released in calendar year 2016 and are representative of issues, findings, and/or problems deemed important by the LLA. The $1.6 billion figure was calculated from findings reported to the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget.
02/06/2017LLA Stands By Report on Louisiana Department of Health
The Legislative Auditor’s office would like to clarify a couple of points raised in a recent letter sent out by the Governor’s Office related to problems at the Louisiana Department of Health noted in an LLA report.
01/30/2017Inadequate Town Policies, Procedures Result in Improper Payments to Former Clayton Employee
Audit: The Town of Clayton paid a utility department employee for contract work outside of his normal duties as well as for unearned sick leave, improperly increased the salaries of the former mayor and Board of Aldermen, and failed to provide adequate oversight over Town property and equipment.
01/30/2017Department of Health Audit Shows Repeat Findings from Previous Years
LDH audit shows findings from previous years related to noncompliance with third party liability and vendor monitoring requirements, inadequate reporting controls, and improper payments to waiver services providers remain unresolved.