Release DateTitle
10/09/2017LDH Failed to Monitor $150 Million in Medicaid Claims to Determine if Services Provided, Payments Made Were Proper
A review of the Louisiana Department of Health's (LDH) monitoring process for Medicaid T1015 claims paid to the state's rural health clinics and federally-qualified health centers found that LDH staff failed to monitor $150 million in these claims since the implementation of managed care in 2012.
10/09/2017Department of Education's Monitoring Process for Charter Schools Could Be Improved
Auditors who evaluated the Department of Education's use of the Charter School Performance Compact (CSPC) to monitor charter schools found areas that could be improved. Auditors found that the Department's monitoring process weighted critical and non-critical violations equally, making a charter school with critical violations likely to be rated the same as schools with non-critical violations.
10/02/2017Act 774 Requirements Result in Enhanced Oversight for 74 St. Tammany Governmental Entities
Seventy-four St. Tammany Parish governmental entities required additional audit procedures under the provisions of Act 774. The most common deficiencies identified in the additional audit procedures were a lack of written policies and control procedures, a lack of documentation for credit card purchases, and a lack of written supervisory review or approval of documents.
10/02/2017Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority Failed to Collect $621,926 in Boat Slip Fees
Investigative auditors examining the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority's records found that the Authority failed to collect $621,926 in boat slip rental fees as of January 31, 2017. The uncollected fees could be considered a loan to boat slip renters, which would be a violation of the state Constitution.