Release DateTitle
04/03/2017$228,750 in Stipends Given to Pointe Coupee School Employees May Violate Constitution
The Pointe Coupee School Board approved $228,750 in one-time stipends for full-time employees, which could be a violation of the state Constitution. The stipends, which were $750 for certified employees and $500 for support staff, were distributed in January 2017.
04/03/2017Department of Health Paid Out about $1.4 Million in Erroneous Duplicate Medicaid Claims Payments
The Louisiana Department of Health made approximately $2.8 million in duplicate Medicaid claims payments between January 2011 and October 2016. Erroneous payments probably make up about half of that amount, or $1.4 million, auditors said in the report.
03/27/2017Additional Audit Procedures Expected To Provide More Transparency, Greater Accountability
The Legislative Auditor has expanded the focus of audits for local governmental entities to include the evaluation of financial areas more prone to fraud, waste, and abuse. To achieve that goal, the auditor issued a set of statewide agreed-upon procedures last month that represent the minimum level of additional work to be performed during these local audits.
03/27/2017Almost $6.4 Million in Medicaid Dental Payments Violated State's Program Rules
An evaluation of the state’s Medicaid dental program for recipients under 21 years old found that approximately $6.4 million in claims payments made between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2016, violated program rules.