Release DateTitle
04/17/2018Louisiana Lacks Consistent, Overall Policy on Sexual Harassment Training & Procedures for Agencies
An audit of sexual harassment policies among Louisiana's executive branch agencies, including the four public university systems, found that the State does not have an overall sexual harassment policy in place that governs all agencies. Instead, each agency has its own policies on sexual harassment, but those policies are inconsistent between, and sometimes within, agencies in the same department.
04/16/2018Pharmacy Board Overseeing Prescription Monitoring Program as Required; Some Changes Needed
An evaluation of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy's oversight of the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) found that the Board maintains and reviews the PMP database as required and has implemented many recommended best practices. However, the Board cannot ensure the database is complete and accurate because 1) it needs a more comprehensive process to ensure the PMP database contains complete prescription information, and 2) it does not have a way to identify pharmacies that fail to correct their database submission errors in a timely manner.
04/11/2018Legislative Auditor to Speak to Congressional Subcommittees on Need for Medicaid Audit Changes
Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera announced today that he will testify on Thursday before a rescheduled congressional subcommittee hearing about improper Medicaid payments in the states. The hearing had been scheduled for March 21 but was cancelled because of weather. Purpera will talk about the need for changes in the way state auditors audit Medicaid. The goal of the changes, he said, is to strengthen efforts to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in the program.
03/29/2018Single Audit Report for 2017
The Legislative Auditor has released the Single Audit Report for 2017. The Single Audit recaps in one report many findings related to federal programs, most of which have been previously reported by the auditor. Officials use the information to monitor whether the state has complied – or not – with the requirements of federal assistance programs. The 2017 Single Audit identifies 43 findings involving 14 state entities. Certain findings resulted in modified opinions on five of the state's 18 major federal programs because they did not comply with certain requirements.