Welcome to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Local Government Reporting System

The Local Government Reporting System, also known as the CPA Portal, provides an online system for CPAs to submit reports and other required documents for local government entities.  The use of this system is mandatory for all reports that the CPA is required to submit to the LLA.

To begin using the system, login using the Login link at the top right corner of the screen. If you do not see the engagement information for a report you are trying to submit, that means that there is not an approved engagement request on file.  Please complete an Engagement Approval Form.

Engagement submission questions should be sent to eengage@lla.la.gov.   Report submission questions, including resubmissions, should be sent to ereports@lla.la.gov.

The user guide and the latest version of the Financial Indicators Worksheet and the Act 87 Schedules are available below.  (To download, right-click on the file link and choose Save link as.....)

User Guide (10/24/2022)Financial Indicators Worksheet (12/02/2015)Act 87 Collecting Disbursing Entity Schedule (April 2021)Act 87 Receiving Entity Schedule (April 2021)

When submitting an Engagement Approval Request, the engagement agreements for the Audit, Single Audit, ARPA AUP or any other AUP (where applicable), with the exception of the SAUP, should be submitted as a single PDF attachment with the costs for each type combined for the Estimated Cost of Report. The SAUP engagement agreement may be included in the PDF with other agreements, but the costs should remain separate.

The Statewide AUP (SAUP) reporting requirement for all entities required to do audits per the Audit Law, LA R.S. 24:513, will continue for
the 12/31/2022 - 11/30/2023 FYE.  Criteria will be finalized and notices sent to CPAs in October.

Extension Requests - Direct questions to Gayle Fransen at 225-339-3874 or gfransen@lla.la.gov
Engagement Approval Requests - Send questions to eengage@lla.la.gov
Report Submission - Send questions toereports@lla.la.gov
Peer Review - Direct questions to Tanya Forbes at 225-339-3820 or  tforbes@lla.la.gov
Technical Assistance - Direct questions to Keith Duke at 225-339-3920 or  kduke@lla.la.gov

Act 87 is in effect for applicable agency types with 12/31/2020 FYE moving forward (See Audit Risk Alert #35).

If a Single Audit addition has been made to an engagement agreement already approved by the LLA, please submit
a new engagement approval request containing the new engagement agreement. Questions may be sent to ereports@lla.la.gov.

Please submit all 12/31/2021 - 11/30/2022 FYE engagements as well as all other engagements
for FYE prior to 12/31/2021, at your earliest convenience.

Please include both the Audit and SAUP engagement agreements with costs in your engagement approval request.

In the event of inclement weather or other public emergency which may occur during a report submission due date, reports will be due on the next business day that state offices are open. The media will notify the public of state office closures. An emergency extension may also be available.